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Private Seminar

25 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar room 102, Conference Tower 1F / Capacity:100 Seats
[Language: Japanese]
Opening speech: Mr. Yuji Saeki, Representative President and CEO, MIKASA CORPORATION
Speaker: Ms. Shima Shiozawa, The Ruusee company
[Consecutive Interpretation: Chinese→Japanese]

Making Connections between Museum and Creativity
Ms. CHANG, Chin- Li, Chief of Creativity and Marketing Division, National Museum of History
Mr. HUANG, Ying-Che, Assistant Research Fellow, Creativity and Marketing Division, National Museum of History / Adjunct assistant professor, National Taiwan University of the Arts
Ms. WANG, Ya-Hsuan, Research Assistant, Creativity and Marketing Division, National Museum of History
We will share the study cases of National Museum of History from Taiwan which making Connections between collections and creativity successfully. We believe that these cultural gems from Taiwan will be a source of fresh inspirations. Licensing is a globally-possible yet locally-minded practice: those involved need to have cultural insights and an understanding of artistic preferences of different markets to successfully facilitate licensing.
26 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar room 606, Conference Tower 6F / Capacity:120 Seats
Spanish contents market – from animation to soccer
Mr. Javi Molner, CEO, Maya Studio
Mr. Junta Saitou, Aqui Media
Mr. Octavi Anoro, Delegate in Japan, LALIGA
In Japan, Spain is known as country or art, the birthplace of great artists like Gaudi, Picasso and Dali, or a country of flamenco dance and music. But recent contents “Made in Spain” like animations are yet to be known. We would like to introduce here some of the Spanish animations already popular among Japanese kids such as “Pocoy?” or “Jelly Jamm”, both distributed by Aqui Media, and some of the contents created by Maya Studio which are already popular in Europe and in South America. On the other hand, we are pleased to include soccer, one of the most famous contents of Spain, represented by LaLiga, the Spanish Professional Soccer League.

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