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Keynote Seminars
25 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar room in show floor / Capacity:200 Seats
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The Future of Japan's Licensing Industry: Contemplating a New Vision and Internationalization

[Organiser's opening speech will be delivered before the beginning of the seminar]
Mr. Charles M Riotto, President, LIMA
Mr. Aiichiro Furukawa, Chairman, Sony Creative Products Inc.
Mr. Bruno Maglione , President, IMG Licensing Worldwide

Ms. Kaori Taniguchi, General Manager, LIMA Japan
Leaders from the licensing industry with Mr. Charles M Riotto, President of LIMA, the primary trade association for the global licensing community, will deliver their own views about the market potential and the future direction of Japan's licensing industry. Mr. Riotto will also introduce the world's expectation to the Japan licensing market.
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e Sports Phenomena -the licensing industry’s next big success-
Mr. Daniel Siegel, Head of eSports Licensing, Blizzard Entertainment
Come learn about the growth of eSports and the licensing successes it is creating- our Keynote Speaker will be Daniel Siegel, Head of eSports Licensing at Blizzard Entertainment producers of the eSports hit game, “Overwatch”
26 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar room in show floor / Capacity:200 Seats
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The Evolution of Tokyo Otaku Mode: How a Cross-Border eCommerce Pioneer Transitioned from Media to Retail to Licensing
Mr. Naomitsu Kodaka, Co-founder & CEO, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Ms. Kaori Taniguchi, General Manager, LIMA Japan
Having over 20 million fans on Facebook, Tokyo Otaku Mode launched as a cross-border eCommerce site in 2013, began sales of original “Tokyo Otaku Mode Projects” merchandise planned and developed in-company in 2016, and is now engaging in various forms of licensing. In this session, Tokyo Otaku Mode CEO Naomitsu Kodaka will speak about the company’s transitions up until now and vision for the future.

What is Tokyo Otaku Mode?
Tokyo Otaku Mode™ (TOM) shares with the world the latest Japanese pop culture news through its Facebook page, which has over 20 million likes, and sells products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music, and fashion through its website, the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. TOM strives to be the fastest source for delivering world-famous Japanese pop culture content around the globe. That is TOM’s mission.
TOM also strives to support top creators in expanding overseas. This is achieved through translation support of creators’ products and profiles, creating portfolios for creators geared toward overseas viewers, increasing their overseas exposure through interviews, exhibiting their works at overseas conventions, and more. TOM aims to be a platform on which creators can post and sell their works to a worldwide audience.
Special Seminars
27 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar room in show floor / Capacity:200 Seats
[Language: Japanese]

The licensing success story of “NESCAFE Gold Blend Barista” in the Japan market

Mr. Motoi Shimakawa, Manager, Regular Soluble Coffee Department Beverage Business Group, Nestlé Japan Ltd.
The “NESCAFE Gold Blend Barista” is the best-selling coffee machine in Japan with over 450 million units sold. By utilising characters and brands tailored to each target layer and region, we were able to induce fans to purchase coffee machines that would not normally do so. In this seminar we will use various examples to illustrate this strategy.

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