Japan Jewellery Fair - JJF 2017 28-30 August, 2017 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centerm East Hall 5-6 10:00-18:00

Stage Event

Woman of the Year Award

The year’s winner is Ms. Fumino Kimura.
Talk show : 12:00-12:30, 30 August 2017

Ms. Fumino Kimura

The year’s winner is Ms. Fumino Kimura, one of Japan’s most popular actresses. She will visit the exhibition and go on stage to receive her award. Fumino Kimura is widely active on Japanese TV, movies, and commercials. She is admired for her lifestyle, her attitude to work and her charming smile not only among Japanese women but also by men of every age group.
Her talk show at JJF is certain to be the talk of the town!

The “Women of the Year” award is given each year to women from the worlds of show business, sports and society who look the “most beautiful and brilliant with jewellery” in the opinion of the Japan Jewellery Association and the organisers of JJF.


Past Award Ceremonies


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