Japan Jewellery Fair - JJF 2018 28-30 August, 2018 Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centerm East Hall 5-6 10:00-18:00 (*closes at 17:00 on 30 August)

English seminar programme (2017)

Event Stage

August 28 2018
【Organised by HKTDC Seminar】
The market insight and forecast of the jewellery industry in Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland and the company’s business strategy
Mr. Kent Wong,
Managing Director,
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group
Origin determination of Ruby & Sapphire for Gem and Jewelery Dealers

Detailed information about Ruby and Sapphire Origin determination with information of beginning of the Origin determination, Method of Identification, Accuracy and relavent problems of Origin determinations. All the detailed educational information will be explained by Power Point method (slides) which is going to be easy to understand and useful for the Industry representatives.
Dr. Hiroshi Kitawaki,
General Manager, Research Division,
Central Gem Laboratory, Tokyo.
The latest Update of China’s Jewellery Market
- Market forecast in 2018
Ms. Christie Dang
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief (CJNA)
Jewellery Publishing
UBM Asia Ltd


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