Keynote Seminar (2018)Seminar

* All Seminars held in Japanese.

Venue:Seminar Room M, East Hall 1 / Capacity:200 Seats
18 April, 2018
The Situation Surrounding Functional Materials and Governmental Efforts
Mr. Takeru Numadate,
Director, Materials Innovation office, Material Industrial Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan’s functional materials are highly competitive, in recent years, however, the competitive environment has become more severe because of the rise of companies from emerging countries and shortening of product lifecycles and R&D investment. While acceleration of the material development becomes still more important in future, I will speak the direction of the policy for the innovation including national projects.
20 April, 2018
The Potential of Protein Materials and Accelerating Molecular Evolution
Dr. Junichi Sugahara,
Director & Executive Officer,
Advanced Technology Division,
Spiber Inc.
Spider silk is just one of a multitude of protein materials that hold great potential value for industrial use. It is undeniable that modern technologies for sequencing DNA, and synthesizing long-chain DNA have dramatically increased the speed of R&D related to these materials, in both discovery and synthesis. In the near future, the merging of robotics and IT with synthetic biology experimentation will allow for humanity to reproduce the kind of great evolutionary leaps that have occurred over billions of years within the lab in incredibly short time frames. I will introduce our company's efforts in this regard, and hope to have constructive discussion looking toward the future.
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