Chemicals and IT Seminar (2018)Seminar

* All Seminars held in Japanese.

18 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar Room M, East Hall 1 / Capacity:200 Seats
AI approach for prediction of reaction yield in catalysis ~potential for catalyst informatics directed toward the discovery of new catalyst~
Dr. Kazuhiko Sato,
Interdisciplinary Research Center for Catalytic Chemistry (IRC3),
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) 
Discovery and development of new catalyst require the literature survey, and the design and the screening of various catalyst, but this traditional “trial-and-error” approach generally costs time and labor. Construction of big data for literatures and know-how, and utilization of artificial intelligence technology would dramatically improve the efficiency of the development of the desired catalyst. They would also contribute to academic progress in catalytic chemistry.
19 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar Room N, East Hall 1 / Capacity:200 Seats
Material Integration
       Being investigated at NIMS
Dr. Masahiko Demura,
Deputy Director
Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System (MaDIS)
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Initiatives to accelerate materials R&D with a power of artificial intelligence (AI) become globally active even in materials science & engineering. Overlooking the global situation in this area, I will introduce NIMS’s challenges which are expected to lead to the AI-driven innovation: Materials Integration for computationally solving the complicated problems of materials in use; and Materials Data Bank as a basis for the AI-driven materials R&D.
20 April, 2018
Venue:Seminar Room N, East Hall 1 / Capacity:200 Seats
The intelligent factory: how modern data infrastructures and analytics are driving optimal decision making in process design, maintenance and operations to deliver consistently higher quality, productivity and reliability, maximizing return on investment.
Dr. Mark-John Bruwer,
Product Management Director,
APM Product Management,
Aspen Technology, Inc.
【Language: English/Japanese】

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing are about the integration of advanced Big Data management infrastructures with advanced data analytics for enhanced decision making on process design, operation and maintenance to maximize product quality, yield and productivity. This talk will focus on the current state of the art and future trends in advanced data analytics to quickly and reliably extract actionable information for both continuous and batch manufacturing processes.
Venue:Seminar Room O, East Hall 1 / Capacity:100 Seats
Nanocarbon technology of NEC Corporation ~Development of manufacturing technology of high purity semiconductor-type CNT ideal for printed electronics~
Dr. kazuki Ihara,
Senior Researcher,
IoT devices research laboratories,
NEC Corporation
NEC has carried out from production to devices application of nanocarbon such as carbon nanotube (CNT), carbon nanohorns (CNHs), and carbon nanobrush (CNB). In this study, we have successfully established a manufacturing technology for separating a semiconductor-type (CNT) at a high purity of 99% or more using a nonionic dispersant for the first time. The obtained CNT can be utilized as a channel material for high performance transistors for printed electronics. In this seminar, we mainly introduce the research and development of nanocarbon in NEC corporation.
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